December 6, 2007

From Donna's desk- "New and notable for 2008

I just purchased the January edition of Creating Keepsakes (at the crazy canadian price, don't know what I was thinking)
...and they have a list of five new up and coming hot trends for 2008:
colors are bright jewel tones
designs are old-fashioned florals
colors are metallics
designs are in plaid
fonts are in outline
(excerpt from January 2008 Creating Keepsakes by Lori Fairbanks)

What do you think? is it something you will try or avoid?

I like the idea of using fonts in outline, I like placing a title overlay but still able to see the photo.

I am not very fond of plaid but I would be willing to try and see how it looks.

Old fashioned florals, well I like the look a lot but I am not too sure how it would work with my style of scrapbooking. But I bet it would make a great mini album theme, hmmm!

Metallics and bright jewel the idea and would be totally willing to give it a try and I am sure I will love it and you will too.

Do you have any thoughts on what will be a hot trend in 2008?

Share your thoughts and if 10 people post I will do a draw for something from Mary Kay, as some of you know I am a consultant :o)

So go and scrap something!



Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I am encouraged by the new trends! Except the old fashioned flowers, but they're better than all those dang owls and birds of 2007.

And I love the color! and bling! and metallics!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that nothing seems "trendy" persay. I am excited to hear about the metallics and the brighter colours. I love plaids and I'm not sure what a vintage floral will look like but I cannot imagine them going up against the metallic stuff. Not wild about outline letters. Although I like them, I don't use them as often as I do my solids. So this trend spotting has left me....blah in a way. I guess I will get to see the real thing and have a better sense of what they mean. I WILL echo Sandra's comment....NO more birds, owls, skulls and random, hand drawn creatures! Amen to that!


Nicole said...

I like the bright colors, outline fonts (great for coloring in or glitter etc when stamping)and bling is always good :)

Tonya said...

I am a huge fan of the bright colors! There is nothing more that I hate then a dull gross color. The more color the better! Metallic I am excited about as well! Bring on the new year!

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