September 3, 2009

We're live!

The Memory Workshop website has had a facelift! A few things have been moved around. A bunch have been edited. Overall the plan was to make it a less cluttered, calmer place to visit.

Kits are still available to purchase, and the ordering process has been simplified. PayPal is the preferred payment method because it's easy, fast and secure. (and you don't need a PayPal account to use it.) Of course, we'll still happily take your payment the old fashioned person or by phone! Our store will be expanding soon, with other types of kits, special offers on new & exciting products, and essentials like tools and adhesives.

The calendar has been upgraded. This page looks a little different, but the information available for events is much more detailed. A brief list of upcoming events is still on the homepage.

The Memory Workshop community will be expanding. In the meantime news, information and hot topics can be found on the Blog or our Facebook fan page. And you can always sign up for the email newsletter.

And speaking of Blogs, this is another area that will be seeing some upgrades soon. If you had the old blog bookmarked (it used to be please update your link to be The transfer has meant that much of the previous content was lost, so the 'broken' and outdated posts are being removed.

Your comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy the tour!

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