December 4, 2009

Money saved is...

...more money to spend on scrapbooking supplies! (or it's "money earned" depending on which version of the saying you stick to)

Does all this talk about "the economy" and "recession" and "financial crisis" make you think twice about how you spend your money? (I'm really getting tired of those phrases) Are you wondering how you're going to afford Christmas? Trying to find a way to come up with extra cash in your budget every month?

A few months ago I skeptically joined The Grocery Game. Before the 4 week free trial was over I was hooked. To put it simply, I am buying more food every week and spending less money than ever. For the last 3 months I have saved at least $250/month on groceries, household and beauty products. The Grocery Game tell you how to get the best deals on the items your family uses (everyone's results will be different because every family's needs are different)

Take a look at your grocery store receipts. Safeway and SaveOn tell you at the bottom how much you saved with your Save On More Card or Safeway Club Card. Before my savings averaged 9-12% per trip. Now it is rare for me to visit either store without saving at least 40%.

I will never pay full price for toilet paper again!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

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