March 16, 2010

Reader submission - WHAT IF...

Thanks to Janice McW. for taking the challenge in January and sharing her layout. We asked newsletter subscribers to make a list of "what ifs" in their lives and document them in a layout.

Here's the inspiration sketch.

It's never to late to join the challenge!

2010 Project Challenge -- MAKE A LIST
12 months of lists and things to scrap
This year is all about making lists. Not necessarily To Do lists, but lists *about* things.
Lists are an easy way to get a bunch of information onto a layout. They're a great way to compile random facts or summarize your thoughts. Lists count as journaling (all you journaling-challenged scrappers just breathed a collective sigh of relief). Lists are also time and space saving journaling tactics (just the facts ma'am!).

Each month I'll give you a topic or prompt for a list. Along with that I'll give you layout ideas using lists, or pertaining to the list topic.

And if you play along you're guaranteed to complete 12 more layouts this year. How fun is that

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