April 6, 2010

When did you last scrapbook?

When did you last scrapbook and who did you scrap with?

I wish I could answer "yesterday!" but alas, it has been weeks since I've cropped a thing. My last scrapping adventure was at a retreat with www.scrappingaway.com and I scrapped with Heather & Theresa (and Janet, Annette & Karen. And Bev. And 20something other people)

My next "scrapportunity" is at The Ultimate Retreat at Loon Lake for 4 days with too many friends to list! (but I'll start with birthday girl Mary, Lorree, Pam, Heather, Kristine, Tanya and 30 more!)

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Kristine Ponte said...

I last scrapbooked two days ago in my workshop...all by my lonesome;( However, in T minus 144hours, I will be with a bunch of my pals at the Ultimate Retreat for 3 NIGHTS!!!!! with Sandra, Tania, Tina, Denise, Heather, Pam, Lori and 50 more...!

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