December 21, 2010

Yummy treats!

Here's a fun and easy (and tasty!) holiday treat for the kiddos to make.

Pioneer Woman calls them Crispy Chocolate Almond Sticks. But we're talking about cooking with kids here. By the end of the day they were called Reindeer Poop On A Stick. mmmm mmmm mmmmm! Tasty!

Mix meltable chocolate wafers or chocolate chips with some Nutella -- or margarine if you have a nut allergy in your house -- stir in enough crushed slivered almonds to make the goop pretty thick -- again, substitute something crispy if nuts are an coconut or rice crispies or crushed pretzels. It needs to cool enough not to drip right off the pretzel before you can get it to the paper.

Dip and swirl pretzel sticks into the 'poop' and lay them on wax paper or parchment paper to harden. Before they harden, sprinkle with the topping of your choice. We used crushed nuts, coconut, and mini M&Ms. You could use sprinkles, crushed candy cane, crushed Skor bar. And you don't need much topping...just a pinch for each stick.
The recipe makes about 100 sticks. Good luck keeping them around for long. Plan to make more. Or better yet...get the kids to make them.

Be sure to look at Pioneer Woman's photos. They are much more elegant!

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