March 24, 2011

Scrap Productivity

I was away at scrapbook retreats the last 2 weekends in a row. Weekend #1 I completed 16 pages (a mix of 1-page and 2-page layouts) and on Weekend #2 I completed 24 pages! (also a mix) Yes, I was ON FIRE! The keys to my productivity weren't Tiger Blood or Adonis DNA (duh! Scrapping!)

Instead, I focused on the following:

- a bit of pre-planning
- a whole bunch of scraplifting
- kits of all shapes and sizes

Preplanning. I divided my photos into little piles of layout ideas and laid them out on the table. Some piles had a single photo, some had 25 photos. Then I picked up one kit at a time and looked for possible layout ideas (photo piles) that would work with that kit -- mood, theme, colours, etc. Depending on the size of the kit, I dropped one or more stacks of photos in the bag. I did this with new kits and partially used kits, until I had a stack of ready-to-scrap kits about 6 inches high.

I always bring more than I figure I will accomplish in a weekend. If I don't get it all done then, its already packed for next time.

This was all that I packed, with the exception of a 1" stack of my favourite cardstock colours, some generic embellishments (brads, buttons, flowers, ribbon), and alphabet stickers. Do I worry that I won't pack the right cardstock or enough embellishments? NO. Remember, there is always a store on site, and a Cricut machine, so I can always buy precisely what I need to finish off any layout.

Scraplifting. I keep half a dozen scrapbook magazines with me, and we all tend to share our magazines throughout the weekend. I look for ideas using the number of photos I have -- not ideas of specific themes or colour schemes. I don't need a 'birthday' layout idea for birthday photos. My own papers & embellishments will determine the theme. I just look for a blueprint for where to put the photos on the page and build around that.

I also scraplift myself! I will re-invent the same layout over and over again using completely different photos and schemes...unless they all follow each other in a series in the same album, nobody would ever notice. If a certain layout works for you -- work it!!

I took my 16 layouts from Weekend #1 with me on Weekend #2 and scraplifted almost every one of them. Take a close look at all the layouts in this post. See any similarities?? Which one do you think is the original, and which are the scraplifts?

Kits. Memory Workshop Club Members understand the value and convenience of kits. Everything you need is in one bag. I occasionally will buy kits from other companies, or make up my own kits from my stash (paper, cardstock, ribbon, embellishments, letters. Done!) or add some of my stash to a partially used kit to stretch it a little farther. Sometimes I will buy a specific sticker sheet or embellishment, and then build a kit around it. The key to kits is keeping coordinated products together in one bag or box, ready to use.

I challenge you to scraplift this layout. I'd love to see what you come up with! If you send photos of your scraplifts to me, I will post them in an upcoming blog post.
Happy Scrapping!

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Michelle said...

I am new to this kit club and I have to say it has eased my planning and scrappin process dramatically! A total fan, I agree with this post. Though I've never had the opportunity to go to a scrapbooking retreat yet; the preplanning tips will serve a good purpose when I head over to my friend's house for a crafting night out.

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