October 10, 2011

My Scrapbook System. PART THREE.

Have you been looking for ways to overhaul your scrap stash storage system? In my last post about my system, I included this photo of my layout storage. A few of you have asked how I made the vertical cardboard storage boxes. Honestly, its been so long since I made them, I don't have the exact instructions anymore.

However, I just came across this project, and while the concept is the same, these are so much prettier:

Thanks to  The Next Effect via TipJunkie.com. The creator used US Postal priority shipping boxes, but you can use the hand pizza boxes that your kits are shipped in. And this pattern makes 2 paper holders from one box. Use packing tape to seal all the edges and openings of the box before you begin.

If your vertical organizers are going to be behind closed doors, you can skip the wrapping paper step.

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