March 1, 2010

The kit reveal for March

I make a conscious effort to design kits that are "gender neutral" so they'll have maximum appeal. And if ever the main kit leans toward "girl" or "boy" the bonus kit will be the opposite. Options are good!
I also try to plan kits that are non-themed or multi-purpose. Each season one of the kits will be more "seasonal" than the others, but with the exception of a Christmas themed kit at the end of the year, you'll find that Memory Workshop Kits are very un-themed.
This makes them extremely versatile. The main kit for March is called features Bella BLVD papers from their "Honey I'm Home" collection. Yes, a couple of papers have a home & family theme, but it's not that specific. From birthday to baby to everyday moments, you'll be able to put this kit to good use.
Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

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